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Welcome to Burnett Creek Forest Products. We are a lumber and milling company that is based in Sechelt. We have been in business for 2 years and are the leading provider of high quality wood products on the Sunshine Coast. Our company provides the local builders, contractors, architects and general public with Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar products.

As a distinguished timber distributor, Burnett Creek Forest Products takes pride in offering some vital services too. Boasting decades of professional experience in the building materials industry, our company is completely reliable.

The locations we serve

While our sawmill business is situated in Sechelt, we have expanded to other areas. Hence, our products and services are available to our target customers living in Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt, Gibsons and Sunshine Coast. If you live in any of these areas and are interested in our products or services, simply call us. With proven industry experience and knowhow, you can only expect outstanding customer service from us. We stand out when it comes to how well we handle our customers’ needs and how we pay attention to detail.

Our Products
As the most dependable and reputable wood distributor, Burnett Creek Forest Products has a wide assortment of items to offer you

Our timber products are basically Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Douglas fir. If you need wood planks of this kind, ours come in various lengths and thicknesses, including up to 32 feet long.

Our Services

Besides manufacturing excellent quality wood products, we also offer you certain services. These include the following:

• Custom milling
We can provide custom moldings for any construction project you might want to do. Through our custom milling service, we are capable of producing timber moldings for huge commercial projects and residential projects. As well, we can manufacture wood products that would suit your smaller, do-it-at-home projects.

We will cut and sand your lumber to your exact specifications. Our dedicated team does every task: tree harvesting, sawing, sanding and milling. Thus, we can proudly say that we control the quality and appearance of the final product. To learn more about our custom milling service, call us today.

• Lumber sales
No matter what you want, we have the ability to provide it. We sell a variety of lumber beams and planks that we have personally created. Our company specializes in provision of premium wood, so feel free to contact us. After that, we will get you the timber products you require when you require them.

• Inventory
Burnett Creek Forest Products possesses a fully stocked dry shed consisting of full dimensional rough sawn cedar. Our rough sawn cedar is eight to sixteen feet long. Besides this, we have several different dimensional douglas fir.

As we have a large and diverse timber inventory, you simply should request the quantity you want. Our sawmill produces matchless products and we are ready to provide the item you need within your deadline. To view our free samples, contact us today.


Once you select our western red cedar or any other product, we will transport it to your commercial or residential property. Our company offers a wide range of transportation options. such as our one-ton dump truck and 5-ton hiab truck.

How to get in touch with us

If you want to learn more about our milling business, get hold of our customer care representative. You can do so by calling us via this phone number, (604) 989 1752. You can also fill a blank form on our website by visiting our Contact Page.